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Jane Fantuzzo


Nutritionist and Nutrition Counseling
in White Plains, Westchester and NYC

Jane's journey with food sensitivities, Lyme disease and plain being tired of feeling bad after eating, led her on a quest to find answers that multiple doctors could not provide. After being told she was fine or it couldn't be determined, she realized that healing was something she'd have to figure out for herself. It led her to functional nutrition, to begin researching the cause, not just the symptoms. To nutrients, supplements and herbal remedies, research and testing for answers.  How food can be medicine and why there's no one-size fits all solution. 

In addition, Jane strives to provide a healthier diet plus exercise for her family, and is passionate about how what is being consumed can change the health and behavior or our children as well as ourselves. In many cases, there's more than just dietary issues going on and we can work with your doctor for resolution.

Through functional nutrition, Jane looks to help others who may be in a similar position, frustrated with their current situation, whether it's being overweight, wanting to be healthier or suffering from illness with little direction or support. No one should ever feel there is a dead end, only open doors. 


MSACN - Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition
New York Chiropractic College, School of Health Sciences and Education

NTP - Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - Nutritional Therapy Association, Olympia, WA

GAPS - Certified GAPS Practitioner



Westchester NY, NYC, CT and Online
Nutritional Counseling and Support