Contact us, to discuss your nutritional concerns and goals. 

Eating Understood provides nutritional counseling to help you lose weight and take back your health.

  • Create a weight loss plan
  • Define areas of the body that need attention
  • Identify food sensitivities, allergies & issues
  • Work to correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Find the foods just right for you
  • Aim to restore balance & help you to feel better

Better nutrition can help with health problems and make positive change in your life.

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Today’s diet is filled with artificial flavors, pesticides, dyes and sweeteners. 

Learn to eat more more whole foods. We will work to support your body nutritionally with its individual needs, allowing your body to guide you.

Small changes in your diet can help you start feeling better and losing weight.

Looking closely at what you’re eating now is a quick way to get you started.  Cutting down on processed, boxed, canned and frozen pre-prepared foods and cooking more yourself can make a big impact.


Tired of dieting constantly? Start with small changes and learn to eat right using whole foods to help with weight loss, stomach and blood sugar issues as well as feeling better.


Haven’t found answers anywhere? If you need help with blood sugar, food sensitivities, ADHD or other issues? We’ll work to design a plan to support you.


Lyme disease and co-infections can be complex, causing ongoing symptoms that can decrease quality of life. We’ll work to strengthen and support the body, so it can fight back. 

Initial Consultation

Explore your current diet, health history, chart, review any blood test results, evaluate symptoms in a comprehensive review, and provide a plan with nutritional recommendations.

Follow-up Sessions

Track improvements and adjust recommendations depending on what’s working or what’s causing concern. Possibly, retest certain exam touch points or order more blood work to track progress.

Kitchen Clean Out

Review what’s in your fridge and pantry  –  find more healthful options to improve what you’re eating daily and toss what's going to hinder progress. 

Grocery Store Review

Accompany you to your regular grocery store and review items you buy weekly. Discuss what’s working and find more healthful options. 

Eating Understood Review

Learn to eat a cleaner and healthier diet. Review what, how and when you eat and where to make improvements for better health. Also great for improving kids and picky eater's diets.