Eating Understood

Today’s diet is filled with artificial colors, flavors, pesticides, dyes and sweeteners and should include more whole foods much like what your ancestors ate. Ex. fruit and vegetable smoothie vs. artificially flavored/colored bottled pre-made "breakfast shake." I will work to nutritionally support you and your individual needs, allowing your body to guide the process.

Small changes in your diet can help make large strides toward losing weight and feeling better. Looking closely at what you’re eating now is a quick way to get you started.  Cutting down on processed, boxed, canned and frozen pre-prepared foods as well as cooking more yourself can make a big impact.

Your body functions well on a 40/30/30 breakdown of 40% carbohydrates/30% protein/30% fat. This is a general guideline since as an individual, you may need more or less of certain nutrients.

The best source of vitamins and minerals is properly prepared whole foods, here’s a general guideline to get you started:

Organic fruits and vegetables Regular fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides
Pastured eggsRegular supermarket eggs
Grass-fed or cultured butter such as Kerrygold or Organic ValleyRegular butter, fake butter spreads, shortening such as Crisco and margarine
Grass-fed meatsRegular supermarket meats (fed corn, which is not a cows natural diet)
Whole, raw or cultured dairy such as kefir, yogurt, whole milk or raw milkNon-fat and low-fat dairy, homogenized products
Cold pressed/unrefined oils including coconut, olive and palm fruit oils. Avocado oil (unheated only). Canola oil (generates some trans fats when heated), cottonseed oil (cotton is clothing, not a food), soybean oil
Raw or sprouted nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, etc.Roasted nuts in canola or other oils. Peanuts (could contain aflatoxin).
Raw and fermented foods (veggies: sauerkraut, pickles, etc.)Canned vegetables, non-fermented pickles
Whole unrefined soaked or sprouted grains, soaked oatmeal (limited amounts; depends on tolerance)White bread, plain wheat bread, regular oatmeal

Don't follow fad diets, learn how to eat specifically for you.  Through your Eating Understood counseling session, I can identify the best nutrients for you and what's going on with your body. 

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