Candy Buy-Back Day

For some, the day after Halloween represents All Saints' Day or the celebration of Día de Muertos. In our house, November 1st also signifies Candy Buy-Back Day. Last year we started the tradition of giving the kids the choice of keeping all of their candy or keeping 10 pieces and having us buy the rest of the candy back for $10 or $20. They get to go right to the store and buy a toy, so it's a win-win for everyone. We get the majority of the candy out of the house and they get to go pick out something fun. It's now something they look forward to each year.

Last year we removed processed food from the house and candy still falls into the "special occasion" category. Should you think I'm the meanest mother ever, let's talk about candy, and how it can contains high sugar, corn syrup, artificial sugars and bad fats. Increasingly, kids are falling prey to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and other disorders at a young age. I'd prefer my kids and all others never fall into that category.

This year Sam looked at labels and told me to take back those with corn syrup. We found one of the worst he got to be Tootsie Rolls with sugar, corn syrup, partially-hydrogenated soybean oil and artificial flavors. Others purchased in bulk packs didn't even list ingredients. He even gave up a bag of chips because it contained canola oil. 

 If we can teach them good eating habits at a young age, hopefully they will be able to make good choices when they're on their own. (The jury's still out, I'll let you know in a few years how that worked out). Honestly I'd rather have the family get together and buy a couple of toys on November 1st and let them have some fun instead of negotiating how much candy they can or can't eat. 

Do you have any strategies to deal with Halloween candy or the handfuls of candy that come back in birthday or holiday goodie bags? I'd love to hear them.