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Schedule a FREE Pre-Consultation Session
Please reach out for a pre-consultation where we’ll get to know each other and discuss what you want to get out of your sessions.

Available over the phone or as a Skype session.

Your Initial Consultation Paperwork
In order to learn about your health status and unique nutritional needs, You'll need to complete the following paperwork either online or by uploading PDFs:

  1. Confidential Health Questionnaire
  2. Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Food Journal
  4. Disclaimer form
  5. Blood work: Upload previous blood work files here

PDF versions of the forms are available here: Health Questionnaire, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Food Journal, Disclaimer form and can be uploaded here.

Please have the forms completed 48 hours prior to your appointment or we will need to reschedule. See service policies.

Plan for your Initial Consultation

  • Please have all necessary paperwork back 48 hours prior to our appointment.
  • Bring or forward any additional health documentation you think may be relevant.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for the examination

I do not accept insurance. Payment will be due when you receive your invoice. I currently accept credit cards, cash, checks and Paypal.

Supplements may be purchased if available in the office or by pre-payment and they will be shipped directly to you. You may also purchase supplements on your own. Any supplement re-orders can be taken over the phone or by email.

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