They’re Screaming for Ice Cream with BACON in it!

They’re screaming for ice cream with bacon in it!

Since we’re trying to make what we can at home instead of buying things pre-made, the gelato maker I bought a couple of years ago is being used often.

I don’t think I realized how easy it was to actually make ice cream instead of buying it at the store. I remember when I was a kid, my parent's had an old fashioned ice cream maker where you put ice and salt in a bucket and had to turn it - a lot. It was fun for a while, but then your patience ran out when it was still soup and your arms were super tired. Then we moved on to the bucket that had to be kept in the freezer. Who has enough room in the freezer to have that waiting and ready when you want ice cream?

Homemade ice cream should use local unpasteurized raw cream, if you can get it. Raw milk and cream were staples a few generations ago. We have been scared into believing everything has to be pasteurized and boiled beyond recognition to keep us safe, when it actually has been removing the nutrients and changing the form of the food. An interesting read is Weston A. Price on his research with primitive peoples and how much healthier they were vs those eating refined flour and sugar. They had greater health, no dental decay vs. those who had abandoned their traditional diets who had narrowed faces, crowded teeth, cavities and reduced immunity. After reading, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, I was truly upset thinking about braces and the spacer I needed when I was younger. We seem to have lost our way with all the fake food.

But I digress. Bacon. Now there is an obsession with natural uncured pastured bacon in my house. Everyone except me loves bacon. (The smell of it cooking makes me gag). I know I’m probably one of the few who doesn’t love to eat it. The kids want bacon with their eggs, BLTs, bacon and French toast, bacon, bacon and more bacon. When they’re done eating they want more bacon. My husband who initiated the bacon craze decided he wanted bacon ice cream. Naturally, I was dreading this concoction.

Now, he’s tried bacon ice cream before and thought it tasted like dog food. Alpo to be specific! (I’m still afraid to ask that how he would know the brand differences). Sorry, Richard Blaze, he tried your bacon ice cream at your pop-up restaurant location). So now he challenged me to do better. How about MAPLE BACON ICE CREAM? And you know what, it’s actually pretty good. As for them, they all love it!

Maple Bacon Ice Cream

2 cups cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 T maple sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract (in glycerine)
2-3 strips of pastured bacon, crumbled

Mix cream through vanilla extract until sugar is dissolved. Place liquid in ice cream maker and freeze 30-40 minutes. (Adjust for your ice cream machine). Add bacon when ice cream begins to turn semi-solid, approximately 20 minutes of freeze time. 

Makes approximately 1 quart.