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About Jane


Jane's journey with Lyme disease and co-infections led her on a quest to find answers that doctors could not provide.

After being let down yet again even by an holistic doctor, she realized that this was something she'd need to do herself. She feared her son, who had also been bitten by two ticks as a toddler could have the same issues. She ate Paleo for a couple of years and found that still wasn't the answer to feeling better. The catalyst was actually grass-fed butter. Butter, something reviled and never eaten because of its dairy status and artery clogging fat, actually helped with fatigue. It led her to research and learn new ways of nutritional therapies, supplements and herbal remedies. How food can be medicine. How the things you learned may not always be true. How to have an open mind and look for change. To have a healthier family and help others who may be suffering with no direction. No one should ever have to feel there is a dead end, only open doors. 


Raw, fermented and cultured vegetables continue the tradition of our ancestors and have more "good bugs" than bottles of probiotic pills and they keep in the fridge for months. Red cabbage and caraway is my favorite. 


Grains are hard to digest and contain phytic acid which blocks the absorption of minerals leading to deficiencies. Avoiding grains unless they are soaked allows them to be better digested.  Try an alternative flour bagel instead.



Think salt is bad, think again. Pink himalayan or Celtic Sea salt in water can help the adrenal glands and raise low blood pressure. Most everyone is dehydrated and it's making us sick. Drink half your body weight in water.